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Lake Herrenteich in Reinfeld

Nature in Stormarn

Stormarn offers beautiful natural landscapes that are well worth a day exploring in various ways. Explore one of our nature reserves on your own or follow one of our purpose-built educational nature trails. Learn exciting stories about our forest “residents” and observe our native birds. So, do not forget to bring your binoculars.

Lake Herrenteich in Reinfeld

Lake Herrenteich, known for its carp, lies in the very heart of Reinfeld. It is an artificial pond that the Cistercian Monks created in the 12th century as a water basin for fish farming. To this day, it is used as a fish farm for carp. A four kilometer long loop around the lower Herrenteich invites you to explore this special ecological system. There are 16 fun and nature stations on this adventure trail that sharpen your sight for the special features of this natural environment. In summer you can enjoy hopping into the water at the public swimming area.


23858 Reinfeld

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