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Nature in Stormarn

Stormarn offers beautiful natural landscapes that are well worth a day exploring in various ways. Explore one of our nature reserves on your own or follow one of our purpose-built educational nature trails. Learn exciting stories about our forest “residents” and observe our native birds. So, do not forget to bring your binoculars.


Höltigbaum is a typical section of a ground moraine of the last ice-age. The area features a variety of different landscapes such as heath, dry grassland and forest areas. In the last century the area was used for military purposes and in 1996 it was declared a nature conservation area. Today Highland and Galloway cattle, and sheep graze where tanks used to roll. Come and explore the area on our purpose-built hiking trails. The border between the Federal states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg runs straight through the nature conservation area. On the Hamburg side, you can visit the interactive museum of natural science “Haus der Wilden Weiden”.


Haus der Wilden Weiden der Stiftung Natur im Norden
Eichberg 63
22143 Hamburg-Rahlstedt


040 - 18 04 48 60 10

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