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Hiking in Stormarn

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Germany. Walking is good for you: it strengthens the heart, gets the circulation going and builds up your muscles. Hikers will be thrilled with Stormarn. Many short and long trails invite you to get some real exercise. There is a wide choice of looped walks and even multi-day tours including overnight stays. Put on your walking boots and get walking - along meadows, fields, lakes and rivers!

Water buffalo grazing at the side of the road

This short looped walk of about 3 kilometers takes you from Wolkenwehe to the monastery Nützschau. Quite possibly, you will be able to watch grazing water buffalos on your walk. This is the grazing area for a herd of Water Buffalos, whose natural home is actually Asia.

If you would like to extend your walk, take a little detour to the Brenner Moor, the largest inland salt marshland in Schleswig-Holstein, on your way back.

You can start your hike at the car park "Zur grünen Brücke" in Bad Oldesloe (district of Wolkenwehe) or at the monastery Nütschau in Travenbrück.


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