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Paddling in Stormarn

A paradise for paddlers: the river Trave in the North and the Bille in the South entice you to go for a paddle with your family, friends or colleagues. From the water you can enjoy that very special view of the countryside. And while the paddles glide rhythmically through the water, you can leave everyday life long behind.

River Bille

From its source in Linau, East of Hahnheide, the River Bille, forming the boundary between the Duchy of Lauenburg, Stormarn and Hamburg, meanders through the landscape for 65 km all the way to where it joins the river Elbe. This riverscape is certainly an ideal place in nature to relax and recover. The Bille valley was declared a nature conservation area in 1987. Since then, many endangered fish species have resettled here. 

Between Grander Mühle and the Mühlenteich in Reinbek, canoeing is only permitted from the middle of August until the end of February when the water level is high enough. Please pay particular attention to the notices displayed. Canoeing from the slipway in Reinbek (Mühlenteich) all the way to Bergedorf is a particularly enjoyable journey.

 You can hire a canoe at one of the canoe stations in Bergedorf:

Bootshaus Bergedorf

Kanu-Hafen Bergedorf


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