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The historic Bad Oldesloe

Cultural experiences

In Stormarn you can experience culture first-hand. In addition to our numerous mansions, lovingly landscaped gardens and parks, and all the various museums and galleries, there are also some other small but fine highlights to be found in Stormarn. They all have their own special stories to tell that have made them so interesting over the course of time.

The historic Bad Oldesloe

Around the square “Hude” in the “Heiligengeist-Viertel” (the quarter called the Holy Spirit), you can still experience the medieval Oldesloe. This is where the oldest buildings of the city can be found. Once upon a time there was even a small harbour where the rivers Trave and Beste meet. Even today, the historic old town is still characterized by the waterways. So, on your stroll through the city center’s pedestrian zone, do take the time to explore the small alleyways.


Hude Mühlenstraße
23843 Bad Oldesloe

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